2017 Week 2 challenge piece

I love working with Helen Breil‘s Shapes pendants.

She has a marvelous eye for design and color and I can only hope to get close to her talent.  This week I made a necklace to go with a new pantsuit for a job interview.  I made a similar one last month that sold quickly.  This time I used a different pattern but the same colors.  It looked ‘marvelous, dawling!’ and boosted my confidence for the interview!

purple polymer clay pendant

purple polymer clay pendant on artist

My plan for Week 3 is to work with another shape. I need to make something to go with a red and black outfit.

I would highly recommend her tutorials. classes and ebooks. She is an exceptional instructor, providing tips and tricks that others skip over. Here is a link to the Shapes:  25 Inspirational Jewellery Designs in Polymer Clay ebook.

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