Eli Collins-Brown, EdD

Welcome to my portfolio. This website provides a look at the research, teaching, presentations, and work of my professional life.


Teaching and Learning with Technology has been my goal and purpose for more than a decade. In the mid 1990s, I became fascinated with the potential of the Internet and Web for business, education, and daily life. In fact, the Web has fundamentally changed how we go about our daily lives. We don't think about it when we bank online, instant message or connect with friends and family on Facebook or look up information. It has become a seamless part of our lives and our society.

Higher Education is moving in the same direction. Instructional Technology and Online or Web-based instruction should no longer be viewed as something to add into the curriculum, insert into the classroom, or overlay on top of instruction. It must become invisible; the learning environment being so completely immersed in technology that it is as essential as desks, books, white or blackboards, and pencils. Institutions that have fully embraced technology will thrive in the 21st century, where web-based or online components and courses will be the norm for students in the dorm or at a distance.

The student of the 21st century comes to campus with technology as one of the cornerstones of his/her life, having grown up with computers, cellphones, and a multitude of digital gadgets. It is an integral part of how they socialize and communicate. Increasingly they will become tech savvy learners and consumers of information.

As a faculty development professional, dedicated to creating supportive learning environments, you will see from my research, practice, teaching and development, that I am focused on the needs of the 21st century educator and institution, adept at pedagogy, teaching methods, instructional design and technology.

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