I love stencils and polymer clay!

Layering techniques for polymer clay bring a whole new dimension to polymer jewelry design and this artist has found a way to layer stencils to create a gorgeously fun look for her designs.

Lorraine Vogel posted a free tutorial on how to use stencils to create this look (I love it when artists share!). The post is on StencilGirlTalk‘s site, so you can purchase the products she used right there! Aren’t these Gorgeous!

photo of necklace and earrings

This makes me want to get to my clay table right now!  Hum, a good project for this week-end and for the 2017 PCChallenge (of which I’m 2 weeks behind, yikes!)




Week 3: 2017 PC Challenge

screen shot of shape from bookAs I posted last week, I love Helen Breil‘s shapes eBook, so this week I am trying another of her shapes. This one is Big Twist #5. I think it is one of my favorites.

I just love the movement of this necklace. I needed to make a necklace to go with a black and red outfit so I used Linda Moseley’s controlled marbling technique to get a skinner blend with mostly red.  So here’s my process and the final result.

The first step I took was to take some scrap clay and make the shape to get some practice and to see the result of the shape.work table shot showing cutters, polymer clay discs and the trial version of the shape

Then I used Linda Moseley’s controlled marbling technique to create a skinner blend with more red, less black and a bit of silver. I ended up using three silver parts instead of two. I’m glad I did as I like the end result.

Here is how I stacked the discs and my first blend.

IMG_0735first blend

I blended a bit further than Linda’s recommendation because I wanted more blur between colors. I made sure that the blend was the same on both sides, since both sides are visible with this shape.

skinner blend on back skinner blend on front

I made the first cut. I did not use plastic to bevel the edges because I wanted sharp edges.  Same with the second cut.

first cut with larger cutterIMG_0741

I finished shaping the cut and then made the fold.  Helen includes very detailed pictures in her tutorials, so the result is perfect!the polymer piece is cut, shaped and folded

I would have liked a bit more black on the arms but that’s how we improve our art, correct?  Next time I will use one more black disc and one less red. Maybe a bit more silver, but I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

I cured it along with a couple of beads I made to add to the necklace.

IMG_0761 (1)I found out that when you put buna cord in the oven, it shrinks and becomes wider. So one of the cords is wider, but it actually adds to the aesthetic of the piece. I also cut 1/4″ strips of the blend and shaped into matching earrings.  I’m very pleased with the end result.

And with the outfit!

finished necklace on the outfit I made it for

#2017PCChallenge 3/52

ECB Designs – www.elicbrowndesign.com

2017 Week 2 challenge piece

I love working with Helen Breil‘s Shapes pendants.

She has a marvelous eye for design and color and I can only hope to get close to her talent.  This week I made a necklace to go with a new pantsuit for a job interview.  I made a similar one last month that sold quickly.  This time I used a different pattern but the same colors.  It looked ‘marvelous, dawling!’ and boosted my confidence for the interview!

purple polymer clay pendant

purple polymer clay pendant on artist

My plan for Week 3 is to work with another shape. I need to make something to go with a red and black outfit.

I would highly recommend her tutorials. classes and ebooks. She is an exceptional instructor, providing tips and tricks that others skip over. Here is a link to the Shapes:  25 Inspirational Jewellery Designs in Polymer Clay ebook.

[Week 1 Challenge Piece]